• Image of FOR HIRE/DAY/PERFORM. : Snakes & Ladders Life-size 4.20mx4.20 floor-score edition - for 2-8 players

This game-score is derived from the classic Snakes and Ladders, a game in which players compete to be the first to reach the end tile. In this musical version, each performer takes on the role of a game-piece, and uses one or more musical instruments (including  voice), object(s), and/or their body to interpret the instructions on the board.  

Not provided: 4 ‘ladders’​​ (Actual rope ladders or DIY Rope ladders/Wooden Sticks attached to pieces of string/rope)​, 5 ‘snakes’ ​​(rope - can be of different sizes, Knot on one end indicates the head of the snake).​ 2-8 individually coloured hats. 2 dice (preferably oversized).​​ Make sure the ‘snakes’ and ‘Ladders’ are easily identified and work with the size of the score. Recommended sizes for ‘Snakes’: 1.50m-2m and ‘Ladders’: 1m -1.50m.  

Age: 6-99
Anyone can play. No previous musical training necessary.
Material Paper.
The score will be provided as 100 tiles on A2 paper. Assembly required.

A smaller life-size version suitable for children is also available by scrolling down - Total size 3mx3m, Price £55.00

For shipping outside Europe, please contact me first.